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Access your VPS via a VNC console

We've made it super easy to access your VPS via VNC, allowing you to connect to it should you lose internet connectivity on it (I've done this too many times myself!)

Head to our VPS panel at and select your VPS.

Select the "Options" tab at the top, followed by the "Enable VNC Access" button.

You can now click on "Browser VNC" to access a live console of your server, which will likely require you to enter the root password to log in

If you haven't set a root password, you can forcefully do so via the "Root/Administrator Password" section which should have a "Reset Password" button. This isn't guaranteed to work, but should do most of the time if you're on the latest version of your installed operating system.

We suggest disabling VNC access once you're finished, which you can do by pressing the "Disable VNC Access" button.

Updated on: 23/12/2022

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