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Rebuild your VPS with a new operating system

We have a range of operating systems in our library which you can swap between at any time, quickly and easily.

Head to our VPS panel at and select your VPS.

Press the "Rebuild" button, followed by "Continue" to acknowledge that all data will be lost upon issuing a rebuild.

Select an operating system to install from our library. We've outlined a few of the most popular ones below:
Ubuntu is a great Debian-based distro for those new to system administration. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to install software on Ubuntu servers.
Debian is slightly more lightweight than Ubuntu and is what Senior Hosting uses for all our infrastructure.
AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux are both continuations of the CentOS/RHEL project, which may be suitable for certain use cases, although most people prefer Debian-based distros.
Windows is suitable if you're wanting to connect in to a remote desktop via RDP, and can run most Windows software... although keep in mind we don't offer GPU/graphics hardware with our VPS packages so you won't be able to play games.

If you're wanting to install a custom OS, let us know and we can get it uploaded for you.

Select an SSH key if you have one (otherwise you can generate one or add one via our panel, just press the "Add Key" button).

Finally, press "Install" at the bottom and your server will begin the install process. Most of the time, this will take less than a minute, although Windows installations may take longer. If your server is stuck on an install, let us know and we'll get it sorted.

Updated on: 23/12/2022

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